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Our Mandate

Anatolia Radio’s mandate is to be very local, so we’re most interested in ideas that directly relate to the Turkish speaking community in Canada. Be sure to explain the specific local angle or local niche your show, event or appearance captures, and how it’s relevant to this area.

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Community radio is a free service provided by Anatolia Radio. There is absolutely no charge to you or your groups to produce any local radio, to air your event or appear on an existing show.Anatolia, however, may solicit sponsorship to offset the cost of producing and airing your program or event. Sponsorship funds will be used to help initiate or improve local radio. Sponsorship acknowledgements may appear during the course of your program.

You should be aware that legal problems with your program may arise if any part of your program is protected by copyright. Any song, music, play, or work created by an author who is alive or has not been dead for more than 50 years may possess copyright in Canada. Any person performing or recording such a work should obtain permission from the owner of the copyright before the work is performed or recorded.

It is the obligation of you or your organization to ensure that all copyright and usage permissions are secured prior to production.

By submitting this form, you signify that you have read and understand the above sections and agree to all the terms and conditions which they outline and release Anatolia from all liability. You also agree that further, signed release agreements may be necessary to continue with the production of your program.

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