Q: How can I listen to Anatolia Radio?

A: You can listen to Anatolia Radio on your computer and mobile devices that are connected to the internet. To listen to our stream on your computer simply click on the ‘Launch Player’ link. To listen to our stream on your mobile devices click one of the icons corresponding to your device or player.

Q: The stream does not work on my mobile device, what should I do?

A: If the stream does not work on your mobile device after clicking on one of the icons, you can download TuneIn Radio app for your mobile device and search ‘anatolia radio’ to find and listen to us.

Q: Does Anatolia Radio broadcast on FM frequency?

A: Anatolia Radio does not broadcast in FM frequency. It is a web based radio station only.

Q: How can I advertise?

A: To talk about advertising options you can contact us by sending us an email to levent@anatoliaradio.com or call us at 416-838-6481.

Q: How can I volunteer?

A: To volunteer simply fill the form on our volunteer page.